Hansons Half Marathon Method

On November 1st, I ran my 11th half marathon and my 2nd half marathon in the year 2014. I ran it in just under 1 hour and 54 minutes. So, this year I was unable to obtain a personal record in the half marathon. Also, I fell short of my even more ambitious goal of breaking the 1 hour and 50 minute barrier in the half marathon.

So, I decided on the next day, November 2nd, to purchase a book titled “Hansons Half Marathon Method.” This book is very similar to the “Hansons Marathon Method.” In fact, many sections of these books are identical. It’s just that the training plan is for the half marathon distance.

This training plan calls for more speed work than I have been doing and for more intensity. Yesterday I did a 1,000 meter (or 0.63 mile) speed session. I did take a lot of recovery in between the 0.63 mile runs, which is not exactly what is called for in the training plan. But I figure it’s better to at least be able to complete the speed sessions. If I don’t take sufficient recovery between the fast runs, I can’t complete them.

I am getting confident that this new, more intense training plan will help me get faster. We’ll see in the spring. For now, it a long slog of daily training in cold weather.