Finally, Under 22 BMI

A few months ago I posted at the McDougall forum a thread mentioning the fact that despite being a reasonably strict McDougaller, I still weighed more than I would need to weigh if I wanted to have a Body Mass Index (BMI) under 22.  

Why is having a BMI under 22 important?  Well, I asked that question of Jeff Novick and he repeated what he mentioned in other threads, that the lower have of the normal BMI range is probably the healthiest, assuming one achieves this BMI with a healthy diet and reasonable exercise.  

I weigh myself often and I noticed that sometimes after a long run of about 10 to 15 miles, I would come in under 153 pounds, which is the equivalent of 22 BMI for someone my height (5 feet 10 inches).  But I knew that this did not mean I have achieved my goal.  

Until recently, that is.  

I started weighing myself many times each day.  Before a 5 mile afternoon run.  After the 5 mile afternoon run.  Immediately after getting out of bed in the morning.  Then again after eating breakfast.  I noticed that I often weighed the most after eating dinner.  

But recently, even at my highest weight of the day I would still weigh less than 153 pounds.  Often my highest weight of the day would be just a bit over 150 pounds.  So, I am going to wave the victory flag now and proclaim that I am now under 22 BMI.  

How did I do it?  Well, I do think that running an average of 30 to 40 miles per week for most of the past 4 months helped.  On this point Jeff Novick mentioned that all of this running is contrary to the principles of calorie restriction.  But I also stopped eating nuts, based on some discussions over at the McDougall forum about how nuts cause weight gain or at least make it difficult to lose weight.  I also started trying to eat more non-starchy vegetables.  

Maybe I should thank Taco Bell.  Taco Bell came out with a new item that includes lettuce, tomatoes, corn, black beans and rice.  Sure, they do put some unhealthy stuff on top of it.  But I decided to make my own McDougallized version of it.  I found this to be a good way of combining the low calorie density of a regular salad (assuming the salad dressing isn’t calorie dense) and the satisfying features of starches with the beans, corn and rice.  

I remember way back when, when I weighed 190 pounds.  My doctor told me that to have a normal BMI of under 25, I would have to weigh less than 175 pounds.  I just figured that this was impossible.  I looked in the mirror and didn’t see a lot of fat, mostly muscle.  Well, that’s a common problem we Americans have.  We don’t realize how much extra body fat we are carrying because the extra body fat gets blended in with muscle.  

It’s interesting, though, that I felt the same way about getting below 22 BMI until very recently.  I just didn’t think that the “under 22 BMI is optimal” actually applied to me.  Now, having reached that target, I believe that this is a healthy weight.  Maybe I’ll be able to run faster too.  


4 thoughts on “Finally, Under 22 BMI

  1. Great read!

    I am in the same boat…how long did it take you to achieve your goal? How many calories do you consume per day? 80/10/10? Macros?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,
    Charles David

    • It took me about a month once I stopped consuming nuts on a daily basis. I will say, however, that my weight still jumps around. So, sometimes I am just a bit over 22 BMI and sometimes I am just a bit under 22 BMI. I don’t know my exact calorie consumption. But I don’t do portion control. I try to focus on calorie density instead. (Read Jeff Novick’s discussions on Calorie Density if you haven’t already. Or his YouTube vide on the subject.) I am probably at about a 80 pct carb, 10 pct protein and 10 pct fat macronutrient breakdown. Oats and berries in the morning. Pasta or rice at lunch with vegetables. Pototoes with salsa for dinner is typical food for me on an average day.

      • Excellent! Thanks for responding.
        Very cool.

        Next question: You say it took you a month-a month from when? How long did it take you to get from 175 down to 152? How much of nuts and seeds were you eating? Ounce? More?

        Thank you for your time!

  2. If I remember correctly, I was at 175 back in August-September of 2010. This is when I read Dr. Barbara Rolls’ book “Volumetrics,” which is about calorie density. Without overtly advocating a vegetarian diet, Rolls book pointed in that direction. And her calorie density discussions did implicitly discourage oil and nuts. I think I hit 165 pounds in October-November and I think I hit 159 pounds in December.

    I was probably eating about an ounce or two of nuts each day, without realizing it. I just ate peanuts by the handfulls.

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