Up Tempo Run

I ran my standard 4 miles this afternoon.  Same distance and same course as yesterday.  The weather conditions were almost identical.  But they weren’t identical runs.  Today I decided to elevate my heart rate by running a little faster.  

Here is the heart rate and pace data from yesterday’s 4 mile run.  AHR means average heart rate.  MHR mean maximum heart rate.  Times are in minutes:seconds format.

Mile 1-11:22-AHR 122-MHR 132     Mile 2-11:51-AHR 128-MHR 135

Mile 3-11:16-AHR 128-MHR 132     Mile 4-11:50-AHR 129-MHR 135

And here is today’s data.  A faster pace purchased at the cost of a higher heart rate.

Mile 1-10:43-AHR 122-MHR 133     Mile 2-10:30-AHR 132-MHR 141

Mile 3- 9:41-AHR 139-MHR 145     Mile 4- 9:53-AHR 142-MHR 149

Yesterday’s overall average pace and heart rate was 11:35 and 127.

Today’s overall average pace and heart rate was 10:11 and 133.  

So, it looks like I purchased about 84 seconds per mile at the cost of 6 heart beats per minute.  Now, this was only for a distance of 4 miles.  My heart rate was climbing at the end of today’s run.  If I were to compare two 6 mile runs, my guess is that the cost of that quicker pace would have been an even higher average heart rate difference.  



One thought on “Up Tempo Run

  1. What you are witnessing is called “cardiac drift”. For the same pace, heart rate will climb over time. The Maffetone method has you keep heart rate constant, and let your pace shift as necessary. For instance, you start slow to warm up, reach your MAF, hold it, then slow as you cool down. The pace will be all over the place. I never measure pace except in a formal MAF test once a month. I don’t measure pace for two reasons: one, it distracts me from training at the correct heart rate, and two, I race almost exclusively off-road, where different trail conditions make pace pretty meaningless anyway. Hope you’re not wilting in the heat, and getting some good training in!

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